How to choose toilet seat baby potty
 Mar 30, 2020|View:503

As we all know,there are many types of children's toilets on the market today, with various shapes and colors. So, how to choose a suitable and economical toilet seat baby potty for your baby?

toilet seat baby potty

The more popular toilet seat baby potty on the market are cartoon designs. The cartoon-style riding toilet is very beautiful and cute. We must pay attention to it. For example, like this little duck-shaped toilet, it is very suitable for babies to wear open crotch pants. Especially in winter, it will be difficult for the baby to ride on it again.

I don't recommend buying a bedpan that is too novel and strange, because the function of the bedpan is to cultivate the children's poop habits. Buying a high-end multifunctional bedpan, the end result is reduced to a baby's toy. Is this a departure from the original intention?

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