Different types of foldable infant bath tub
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There are various foldable infant bath tub on the market,so what are the types of baby tubs?

Common baby bathtub supplies on the market can be divided into the following types: basic bathtub, ergonomic bathtub, support (bath) in the baby bathtub, inflatable bathtub, bath chair.

foldable infant bath tub

Basic baby tub

Advantages: cheap, lightweight, and suitable for sinks.

Disadvantages: This kind of foldable infant bath tub is more troublesome to match with the support in the bathtub; children of small months must be lifted by their parents and cannot hold a half-lying position in the bathtub alone.

Ergonomic tub

Advantages: Supporting the baby's back, the baby can maintain a semi-lying position. Mom and Dad don't need to support the baby laboriously so that his head is above the water surface, which is safe and labor-saving, and has a long life cycle.

Disadvantages: high price, large volume, not convenient to carry and store.

Inflatable tub

Advantages: It is surrounded by soft and comfortable materials, not as rough as plastic materials, which can effectively prevent the baby's delicate skin from being scratched.

Disadvantages: Not easy to clean, and most of them are only suitable for babies under two years old.

After our introducing,i think you may know more about foldable infant bath tub. And if you need anything,welcome to contact us.

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