Features and advantages of toilet seat baby potty
 Mar 20, 2020|View:576

In order to help you know more about toilet seat baby potty,we will introduce this product from its advantages and features.

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Advantage of toilet seat baby potty:

1. Economical and practical

2. Connect with adult toilet, easy to use

3. Comfortable and safe, easy to clean if accidentally soiled

4, save you the money to buy a child's spittoon

5. No need to spend extra time cleaning baby's stool

Features of toilet seat baby potty:

(1) The chassis is made of non-toxic new PP material, which is strong and soft, and feels good! The cushion is soft and non-slip, does not stick to the skin in summer, and does not feel cold in winter.

(2) Clean and sanitary after anti-mold and anti-allergy treatment!

(3) Unpack it and put it on the adult toilet, convenient and fast!

(4) Special front hard plastic stop pad to protect baby's safe use of toilet.

(5) Both the body and seat can be washed with water and can be used cleanly.

(6) Parents must accompany the baby when using it to make it more convenient and safer to use.

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