Buying tips for urinal toilet potty
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For children's curiosity, adults think that cartoon-style toddler toilets such as ducklings, bears, and deer must be good. Indeed, cartoon-style riding toilets are very beautiful and cute. This little duck-shaped toilet is very suitable for babies to wear open crotch pants, but after the baby is one year old, they will not wear open crotch pants. In winter, it will be difficult for the baby to ride on it.

urinal toilet potty

2. The squat urinal toilet potty is suitable for older babies. It is not suitable for babies who cannot stand independently.

3. A luxurious toilet with music. When the baby is having a poop, the attention is attracted by the music. This is easy to be distracted and the toilet is not serious.

4, Economical is good, I think this style with a chair back should be relatively good, the baby is safe to sit on, and the potty and chair can be disassembled, it is easier to clean. The colors are also diverse. If the girl can choose some warm tones, the boys can choose some cool tones, or according to the child's own preferences.

5, Children's urinal toilet potty must be of good quality. The material should be strong and not easy to break; the stability of the child's toilet should be good, and the center of gravity should be stable to prevent the baby from falling back on the toilet and falling. At present, some children's urinal toilet potty on the market are designed separately for men and women, which conform to the different positions of men and women in the toilet.

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