How to use training seat baby potty
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Follow these steps to guide your baby to the training seat baby potty and use the toilet.

Let your baby observe and learn: Use your baby's imitation nature to let him enter the toilet with you and observe the adult's toilet situation. At this point, tell your baby what you are doing and why. Or use puppets to demonstrate and read related storybooks, which is also a way to learn imitation. During the baby's urination training, it is best to be guided by male imitation objects. Occasionally, you can play some games, such as placing an illusionary enemy he hates in the toilet, and then aiming at it and shooting into the game.

training seat baby potty

Simulate the scene and use the training seat baby potty: It is best to place the toilet next to the baby's play area, and allow him to use it as a small chair or play clothes pretending to be in the toilet. You can choose small underwear with cartoon characters and tell him "If you want to not stain your favorite cartoon character, then you need to learn to take off your pants and pee on the toilet."

Go to the toilet with your parents: You can also place your baby's toilet next to our toilet, and then say to the baby, "Since the baby is small now, he sits on the toilet and urinates and urinates. The mother has grown up, so she is sitting on the toilet . When the baby grows up, he can sit on the toilet like a mother. "It won't take long for the baby to find that sitting in the toilet is as" natural and safe "as sitting on the toilet.

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