When Can Babies Use Plastic Baby Potty?
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The surface of plastic baby potty should be smooth and odorless, the material should be safe and environmentally friendly, and the design of the storage box should be easy to take, place and clean. When can babies use the plastic baby potty? Let Rulong's Xiaobian know about it with you.

Babies'self-care ability should be trained from the first year of birth, the toilet is one of the important contents. In order to enable babies to learn to take care of themselves as soon as possible, you might as well prepare a special plastic baby bedpan for babies.

Plastic Baby Potty

The basic requirements for starting urine and urine training are:

1. Children can use language to express their desire to go to the toilet.

2. The nerves and muscles have the ability to control.

3. Children can wear trousers by themselves.

Eighteen months ago, the nervous system of young children had not developed to the extent that they could complete "command instructions", and only 20 to 30 months later could the central nervous system have autonomous control over the sphincter responsible for excretion. Moreover, each child's physical maturity time is different. The general advice is to see if there are any signs of proper training: children can keep diapers dry for more than 2 hours or do not urinate during naps; diapers are wet or dirty and hope to change diapers; they can understand and follow simple instructions; they can express their need to go to the toilet verbally or inaction; they are interested in others going to the toilet, and so on.  It is suggested that children should not rush off until they are physically and psychologically ready to start.

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