Skills in buying a plastic baby bath tub
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The baby's use of supplies, of course, must be dedicated, so for the commonly used plastic baby bath tub, how should mothers choose? What kind of plastic baby bath tub is the best? This article will answer these questions in detail. I hope these skills of buying plastic baby bath tub can help new mothers.

Skills in buying a plastic baby bath tub

1. Choose those imported environmentally friendly materials, generally about 3 mm thick, to choose those with better wear resistance and softer handle.

2. Humanized design, strip flume should have skid-proof surface, because the baby's active habit, when the baby is free to stretch, enjoy the fun of bathing at the same time, will not slide.

3. Use scientific bathing method, let the baby lie on the back of the ramp type air cushion, can shower in all directions, by which is the baby's back and buttocks, and ensure the rapid flow of dirty water.

4. The safest protection, plastic baby bath tub must be surrounded by soft inflatable materials, so that baby soft and comfortable, avoid bruising.

5. Beautiful patterns, such as beautiful cartoon patterns or some bright colors, enhance the baby's discrimination.

6. Small size, when not in use, the bathtub is best folded into small pieces, even when going out, it is more convenient to carry.

7. Belt and Rotary Music: Listening to music can make the baby more comfortable to take a bath.

8. The use period is longer. Suitable for babies aged 0-4 or so. Babies aged 0-8 months can lie on the cushion backrest of the slope type. Babies aged 8-4 years can sit (take off the cushion backrest of the slope type).

Problems needing attention in infant bathing

First, babies should not bathe too often in winter.

Normal frequency is twice a week. Too much washing can lead to dry skin and itching. At the same time, do not rub baby hard when bathing, baby's skin is delicate, cuticle is very thin, rubbing hard can easily lead to baby's skin injury.

Secondly, ensure the temperature of the bathroom and room.

Before starting to take a bath, you should adjust the temperature of the bathroom. You can turn on the bathroom master to adjust the temperature of the bathroom before starting to take a bath. Or mothers can buy special bathroom covers to bathe their babies. This can ensure that the baby will not be frozen in the bathing process, at this time, if the temperature is too low, the evaporation of water on the baby will take away more heat, it is easy to cause the baby cold. Immediately after taking a bath, wipe and hold to the room with the air-conditioning on. If the baby wants to go out, it must let the residual water on the baby completely dry before it can. It's cold outside. The uneven heat and cold can easily lead to the baby's discomfort and cold.

Thirdly, some skills should be emphasized.

1. Water temperature should be controlled at 37-40 degrees Celsius, which is the most comfortable water temperature that babies can feel.

2. The time should not be too long. It should be controlled within 10 minutes.

3. Use baby-specific bathtubs and towels.

4. Bath and shampoo should be separated. You can wash your baby's hair first. You don't need to take off your clothes. You wash your hair and dry it before you start taking a bath. This way, your baby is not susceptible to colds.

5. Give your baby some water after bathing to replenish the water lost during bathing.

Finally, pay attention to the safety of bathing.

Babies'physical coordination and support are still very weak. Parents must hold their babies steady while bathing. They must not let their babies walk away with plastic baby bath tub. Such negligence is prone to baby drowning, and family members need to pay attention to it. New mothers can help their babies when they are not skilled in bathing, which can avoid being in a hurry.

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