What Is The urinal toilet potty
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plastic baby potty

There is a kind of urinal toilet potty with odor-proof and dirt-proof coating, after the baby stool, only a little clean water can be used. Because of its lightness, convenience, and good stability, the baby sits on it without overturning, especially suitable for use in the night bed. So, what is a plastic baby potty? Let Rulong's Xiaobian know about it with you.

What is a urinal toilet potty?

The plastic baby potty is a kind of toilet specially designed for babies. It generally uses PP material, has a certain degree of softness, and has a very good feeling. The plastic baby potty is designed according to the infant's body characteristics of different age groups. It is very humanized. It can solve the problem of the infant's urine and urine well and cultivate the infant's self-care ability. Plastic baby potty on the market are classified according to different age groups and can be purchased according to the baby's physical characteristics.

Advantages of plastic baby potty:

Urinal toilet potty is made of PP material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, strong and has a certain degree of softness; its base is anti-skid, which ensures the safety of infants; plastic baby potty is also treated with anti-mildew, anti-allergy, clean and hygienic; it is designed according to the morphological characteristics of infants, very people. Sexualized, the comfort of infants is very good, but also very convenient. Plastic baby potty saves a lot of energy for adults, and does not need to spend other time to deal with stool, but also gradually exercises the self-care ability of infants, is a good baby supply.

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