Is your folding baby high chair safe? How to select correctly?
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Folding baby high chair is a common product of children's furniture. Folding baby high chair often appears in family or restaurant. Folding baby high chairs allows children to sit safely at the table during mealtime. But is your folding baby high chair safe? How to select correctly?

folding baby high chair

Safety of folding baby high chair

The baby may stand up and fall off the folding baby high chair. This can be avoided by using seat belts. Adults often feel that the food tray is enough to bind their babies, but that's not the case. The tray and baby may fall down at the same time. Once this happens, if the baby bumps into the sharp edge of the overturned tray, it will be injured.

Accidents in folding baby high chairs include:

1. The chair collapsed and folded up, trapping the baby inside.

2. Causing a finger or hand injury.

3. The pliers on the tray bolt cut the finger.

4. The open chair leg tripped the baby's foot.

There are many reasons why the old folding baby high chair is unsafe. In the United States, chairs manufactured before 1976 do not meet today's safety standards for folding baby high chairs. Many of them are light in weight and easy to overturn. Others lack seat belts for their babies, some hinged trays can't resist the beating of active babies, which may scratch the baby's hands or legs to meet safety standards (non-compulsory) folding baby high chairs with a label indicating that they comply with the F404-4e1 folding baby high chair by the American Association of Tests and Materials. Safety standard for the pediatric high chair.

Folding baby high chairs meeting safety standards should have the following characteristics:

1. A locking device is provided to prevent the collapse of folding baby high chairs when used outside.

2. There will be no shearing action at the connection of the frame, and no harm will be caused when the folding baby high chair collapses.

3. Strong safety belts

4. The folding baby high chair is stable, and the child will not fall when climbing up with the footrest.

5. Seats can withstand a mass of 45.36 kg. The footrest can withstand 22.68 kg.

6. Easy to assemble and use instructions

Provide the following warnings:

When using a folding baby high chair, it is necessary to ensure that the restraint device is always used to fix the baby. The tray can not play the role of restraining the baby. This folding baby high chair is only suitable for the baby who can sit independently. It is not enough to meet safety standards. You must check whether the folding baby high chair is durable, easy to use, easy to clean and comfortable.

Look at the structure, there should be enough space between the chair legs. Rock the tray gently and push the chair back and forth to check the stability and foldability. (You'll find that folding is more storage, but it's not as strong as non-folding.) The chromium alloy coating should be smooth both in appearance and in touch if there is a crossbar between the front leg and the back leg, or between the front leg and the back leg.

Developing a good habit requires parents'firm determination and patience, just like riding in a car in a safety seat, eating supplements must also be in a safe folding baby high chair.

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