Types of training seat baby potty
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Babies grow up to eight months, usually crawl, sit steadily, at this time, we should let the baby learn to sit in the plastic baby potty and urine instead of holding oh. At present, there are many kinds of plastic baby potty on the market, which have various shapes and colors. So what about the types of training seat baby potty? Let the small edition of Rulong come with you to learn about it! 

The training seat baby potty is a defecation aid designed according to the characteristics of the baby. There are many kinds of plastic baby potty on the market at present, but in fact, they are the following two categories.

The first type, seat training seat baby potty, modeling is many, like a stool, animal modeling, and even car modeling, but the function is similar, that is, let them babysit on the toilet, parents can clean the toilet, generally plastic material. The advantage is that the size is suitable for the baby, can play while toilet, reduce the psychological pressure of the baby; the disadvantage is that the baby easily equates toilet with toys, may be difficult to connect toilet with toilet.

The second type, toilet washers, is the toilet for adults, plus a size suitable for baby toilet washer, the children toilet washer on the market has a lot of humanistic design, such as adding handrails on the washer to facilitate the baby to hold firmly, or adding toilet ladder, to facilitate the baby up and down and avoid the baby's feet hanging. Empty. The advantages are that it is convenient to train the baby to wash the toilet in the bathroom, and it does not need parents to clean, so it can flush the plastic baby potty directly after the toilet.

Types of plastic baby potty

Parents can buy plastic baby potty according to their preferences, but no matter what kind of plastic baby potty they use, they should pay attention to three points when choosing and purchasing them:

1. Choose the appropriate size of toilet ring, we should pay attention to the toilet ring, not the size of the entire plastic baby potty, toilet ring is too large, baby's ass is easy to fall and stuck in it, not safe. But it should not be too small, too small urine easily splashed outside.

2. The training seat baby potty should be smooth without burrs and sharp parts. When purchasing, touch the plastic baby potty with your hand to see if there are any sharp parts. Avoid purchasing burr products as far as possible to avoid scratching the baby.

3. If conditions permit, let the baby sit up and try first to see if it is stable, especially toilet washers, and other products. At the same time, see if the baby is comfortable sitting up and try to buy products that the baby likes.

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