Train your baby to sit in the toilet seat baby potty. These tips work well
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The brain and nervous system of a 1-year-old baby are mature enough to control urine and urine and to train him to sit in the toilet seat baby potty

plastic baby potty

How to train the baby to sit in the plastic baby potty? Let's learn together.

Choose the right plastic baby potty for your baby

The place where the plastic baby potty touches the skin is best made of wood, so as not to make the baby feel cold when it's cold.

A potty made of ceramic or plastic baby potty can be wrapped around with a cloth.

There is animal-shaped armchair baby potty specially made for babies on the market, which can reduce the baby's disgust with the plastic baby potty.

The caliber should be suitable for the baby's buttocks. Don't make him feel uncomfortable sitting in the plastic baby potty.

Encourage the baby to sit in the toilet seat baby potty actively

Baby's stool is usually after breakfast, parents should encourage him to sit in the plastic baby potty voluntarily, not to rush, let alone force. Baby's ability to restrain urine and urine depends on hearing and brain nerve reflex. When the baby hears his urine and sees his own feces, and understands that it is his own feces, it is the most successful stage of training restraint of baby's urine and urine. When the training is successful, the baby has a sense of pride, and parents must praise and encourage it. If the baby is forced to defecate, the baby will resist and resist, and the training will become a problem.

plastic baby potty tips


Because it takes some time for the baby to improve the ability of restraining urine and urine, it will also fail to practice sitting in the plastic baby potty. At this time, parents should not punish or criticize, but change the baby's trousers in time.

The plastic baby potty should be placed in a fixed place so that the baby can't find or reach it when he wants to defecate.

Keep the plastic baby potty clean.

Although some babies have been able to defecate independently, mothers also need to closely observe the trend to see if they need help. If the baby sits on the plastic baby potty to play, it should be corrected at any time.

After defecation, he was taught to wash his hands and develop good hygienic habits.

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